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Game Constructor is made for game building hobbyists, or anyone else who needs a quick and effective game builder. Hobbyists will find it to be an amazing practice software. Professionals will quickly adopt it as an irreplaceable game prototyping tool. Enjoy!


Our Platform Has Handy Tools and Diverse Publishing Options

Game Constructor has several templates in its base. A certain amount of basic work has already been done here so you don't have to waste time on doing the footwork of basic features setup. Still, you are given the freedom to create levels, add objects, design scenes, add external events, and also several other functions. Alternatively, you can choose to start a brand new project which enables you to add each element yourself. In any case, you'll be able to publish your final work on almost all mainstream publishing platforms.

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This template includes battling enemies and tackling obstacles along the way to the goal, as well as collecting coins.

Driving Simulator

This type of game has always been popular. Now you have an opportunity to make your own version.

Isometric Game

You get a base for building the scenery for the protagonist to explore and wander through. Practice your imagination!

Free Creation

This option is great in case you have an original idea and want a blank start for your game.



3-days trial period / 1 USD

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USD/ 30 days

You will get access to:

  • Sleek user interface
  • Simple setting options
  • Selection of game styles
  • Various publishing alternatives